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Updated: Sep 23, 2022


Loving, Peaceful, and Practical principle for a Lifetime of Happiness, Freedom & Success

- Happy Bains

What do we need to know to become a happy, successful, and bonding relationship?

(Four) key factors that lead to happiness and peace of mind!

1, Love fulfilled - That is, we need the loved one another person.

2, To be service/Serve humanity selflessly with pleasing words and tone.

3, To create something (Never stop learning and teaching politely)

4, The joy of learning - We all must learn to read, write and speak every day.

In life to get others to love us, we must become loving people and give unconditional love, care and affection before receiving it. As we all learned in school and the bible, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Have you noticed that a friendly person has lots of friends in their life?

They have a warm smile and is a nice person, and they are outgoing! A frank person is a thoughtful person who is genuinely interested in how other people are doing and their well-being. Then, they are genuinely interested in how other people are doing and their well-being more than themself.

When you find someone you believe can be an extraordinary person in your life, make it a point to get to know that person. If you are rejected, well, it's too bad. But at least you gave your best shot/try; chances are you won’t be dismissed.

Is this simple: get back what we put out if we are friendly people, have lots of friends, and don’t have too many difficulties eventually finding a person we want to spend the rest of our lives with?

“It is important not to get in a hurry with where that significant person is a concern.”

Here is an excellent place to take our time; a lifetime is a long time finding the right person who is just right for you andalways matters. When you do find that person, you will know that it is the right person; keep in mind that when you fall in love and want to get married is a lifetime contract for you too, for the rest of your life; your job/mission will be to serve that person, to think of that person first in everything you do involve in both of you.

Trust me and believe me, that that is a serious commitment; it is a beautiful, joyous commitment, and it gets better with passing time/years.

Here is the right way to make sure it is right for you both:

Before you marry, please give it a test of time. If it's right, it will get better with the passing months. It will get stronger, and you will be sure it is suitable for both of you. GO Together for a year and meet and hang out together if possible to treat each other passionately and get to know each other; at the end of the time, you both are adults and still sure, then you have been wise and mature about it if you both can say YES! I want to spend the rest of my life with this person, serving this person, helping this person whenever I can, then you will qualify for the #1 happiness factor you got love fulfilled, and you will be/are one of the world's most fortunate people!

Okay, you found the person you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with; the next question is, how do I qualify for this divine marriage?

From the standpoint of EDUCATION/PRACTICAL SKILLS, what can I bring to this marriage to help guarantee success FOR LONG LASTING?

Today we live in a world where marriage partners usually work and will continue to work for 30 to 50 years. After a long time in the human lifespan, EACH of the marriage partners MUST ask the question, am I educationally/practically skilled prepared to provide good income and escalating income in the future?

It's another way of asking just how qualified am I to take on all the responsibilities of marriage? Do I need more EDUCATION or SKILLS? Won’t it be wise to wait a while longer before we take a big jump into that sea of matrimony? Am I Educationally/Experience qualified to take on all the responsibilities of parenthood?

To set a good example of growing learning children/adults. Tricky questions but fundamental questions.

If the relationship is complex, it can be put on hold until the education/skill requirement is adequately met. And this way, neither of us will have the additional financial burden of marriage until we can afford it; after all, we plan to be married for 50 years or so, so let's be smart and hold off the marriage until we are ready for it, then it will be that much better.

And after we are married, perhaps we want to enjoy just the two of us for a few years before even thinking about having children. A child, innocent though it is, will dominate the marriage life like a fat man in the telephone booth! The child becomes the ruler of the household, and all decisions must depend on the Childs's being.

SURE! Suddenly want to go out for a good movie or go out for brunch/lunch/dinner or take a weekend trip or vacation, things are past; the child is suddenly in the first place and will remain there for years to come, and until you are ready for that kind of dominance, it is a good idea to wait and get to know one another enjoy yourselves and freedom interests two of you for a while, its a wonderful time of life. (During the first two years after having a child, the sex life becomes dull, and most men usually swing their moods and go in the wrong direction. A wise gentleman understands this process and stays humble and committed to his woman)

And if the success of marriage remains your first consideration? It will grow to be even better and stronger and wonderfully more satisfying. People in good marriages are amazed that they come to love one another even MORE than they did in the beginning.

LOVE grows into respect, courtesy and admiration, and one of the world's best ideas is a big success. Nothing is good for us as a good marriage is the best part of our lives. And that's precisely why we should be careful during the selection process.

Both partners need to stay healthy and keep their divine body bodies lean and fit according to their lifestyle in any country.

It is imperative and essential to show courtesy to each other in good/sad and bad times to keep the divine relationship healthy, happy and strong till the last breath of life.

It is also essential to work together whenever possible, support each other’s passion for their field of work/profession and respect their dreams/goals towards bonding.

Both partners should keep the wrong/rude attitude at bay and not let it affect the blissful relationship.

During argument/disagreement, dare to ask, “Why do you say this way? Or what do you mean by the way you are saying these words? Or Do you have proof of what you are saying/claiming? To bring harmony into the divine relationship.

As young/adult people, they fall in love many times, love being nothing more than a beautiful infatuation of the moment to whether it is accurate or not give a test of time; if it is exactly precisely correct, It will only get better if it's not you both will soon begin to be aware of flaws in it.

All of these are a perfectly natural and normal part of growing up; when people speak about the amount of their marriage partner, they often use the expression “My better half” its an especially apt word, the person who is right for us does form half of the whole relationship which is the marriage and in the perfect marriage each of the partner's compliments the other partners in significant ways there is a word to describe this effect it's synergistic, the noun is synergism, and the definition of the word is the interaction of aliment that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual ailment, which is to say a good marriage has a better effect a happier more productive effect as a marriage than the sum of two aliments which is composed it makes it better than we would be alone.

Happy Logic Points to ponder:

· Finding solutions means painting results in advance. We call it browning from the future! #HappyLogic

· Never hate/curse the partner/people, but attack the problem/challenges.

· It may be challenging if you have parents or in-laws, but it is also a new blessing if you do not have them.

· A mastermind alliance (marriage partners) involves two people who work in perfect harmony to attain a definite purpose of the relationship. Through a mastermind alliance you:

  • May use the education, language, wisdom, skills, contacts, experience and influence of spouse/partner positively to care, love, protect and grow the relationship for long-lasting.

  • You can accomplish more in one year than you could without it in a lifetime.

  • Can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you.

  • You can have absolute protection against failure if your purpose is beneficial to all you influence.

· Success and progress towards achieving relationship goals in life begin with knowing where you/both are going.

· Both partners’ mental attitude gives power to everything you do. If your attitude is positive, your actions and thoughts further your ends; if your attitude is negative, you constantly undermine your efforts.

· What do you think you'll get if you don't know what you want from your life partner?

· Faith and hope in a relationship are awareness of, belief in, and harmonizing with the universal powers.

· Also, your faith in each other is a state of mind which must be active, not passive, to help achieve lasting success in a relationship.

· Most fears have no foundation in facts, so it is better to have faith in a relationship.

· A young mind makes a young body. Exercise produces both physical and mental buoyancy. It clears sluggishness and dullness from the body and mind. (Applies for both partners)

· Suppose you haven't the willpower to keep your physical body in repair. In that case, you lack the power of will to maintain a positive mental attitude in other critical circumstances that control your life. (Applies for both partners)

· Eating clean/healthy food is to supply the body with what it needs to maintain itself in good repair.

· Partners face defeat often in a relationship. It may be a stepping stone or a stumbling block, depending on the mental attitude with which it is faced.

· Partners failure and pain are one language through which nature speaks to every living creature.

· A partner’s defeat should be accepted as a test allowing you to discover the nature of your thoughts and their relation to the primary purpose of the relationship.

· Partner/you are never a failure until you accept defeat as permanent and quit trying your best to protect your bonding relationship and maintain harmony.

· Both partners’ strength and struggle go hand in hand.

· Both partners should render more and better service than you are paid for, and sooner or later, you will receive compound interest from your investment and enjoy the joyful moments till the last breath of life.

· Each partner’s enthusiasm is a state of mind. It inspires action and is the most contagious of all emotions toward a fruitful relationship.

· Each partner’s passionate enthusiasm is more powerful than logic, reason, and rhetoric in getting your ideas across and winning over others to your viewpoint.

· No one is born enthusiastic; it is an acquired trait, and both lovers can learn and adopt this quality for a long to help each other and the world and make themselves and their parents proud of them.

· In a relationship, one should understand that the grandmother of personal failure is procrastination, and procrastination is the archenemy of individual initiative.

· Both partners should know that personal initiative is vital if you are going to realize your relationship goal/s.

· Both partners should understand and practice that personal initiative is contagious; succeeds where others fail; creates work, opportunity, the future, advancement in a relationship, and financial abundance.

· Both partners MUST understand that strategies for Wealth and Happiness that the most outstanding value in becoming a millionaire/rich and or content is not the money itself nor the things it will buy. The most significant value "is true love, respect, clear communication, care, skills, knowledge, discipline and leadership qualities they will develop in reaching that elevated relationship status."

· Both partners must understand that self-discipline is the process that ties together all your efforts of controlling your mind, your initiative, and a positive mental attitude, and maintaining your enthusiasm and self-discipline makes you think before you act. Emotions are states of mind and are subject to your control to keep the relationship in harmony, healthy, happy, fun and romantic forever. 

· Both partners must read this happiness bonding Happy logic together before making a serious commitment, even once a month every year!

Another four secrets for healthy & financial freedom life must:

1, Forgive all others with no strings attached

2, Forgive yourself/each other with kind eyes

3, See yourself/each other at your best

4, Keep up with yourself and don't worry about what others are doing or have done. Keep your pace, and don't feel guilty.

Divine Prayer for health, wealth, love, bonding and peace of mind.

Prayer is unfailing truth to achieve anything we want in life with a positive mental attitude. We all must pray before and after going to bed or even during the anytime to stay FOCUSED!

“Divine Lord/God, I humbly bow, and I ask not for more riches but the blessing of more wisdom with which to make wiser use of the riches you gave me at birth, consisting in the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I might desire in my life and my relationship.”

Sincere thanks to my inspirational teachers Swami Vivekananda, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Brain Tracy, Warren Buffet, Nelson Mendela, Mother Teresa and many more...

" Protect mother earth, animals & treat each person as the most preeminent on earth. " - Happy Bains.

Thank you 

In the end, please “Do NOT forget you have greatness in you.” Stay healthy and happy forever!


Happy Bains – Please visit my website for career and lifestyle certification courses.

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