Change your life by changing your thinking!

For those: Recently graduated or looking for a job or want to change your career or increase your salary/commission this course is for you. 

If you do not have the major purpose of life and or been working harder, putting in longer hours, reading and researching more, and getting more education in preparation for your next promotion; only to discover all that effort has not opened the door of wealth and opportunity for you?


Do you want to have employers fighting to have you on their successful team? 



  • You have greatness in you and you were born qualified to take this course. No requirements necessary.


This course includes:

  • 8 - Online sessions
  • 1 session of 1 hour each
  • My exclusive interview of my self-help book, ebook audio of 50 minutes FREE.
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access for formula material 
  • Access on mobile, TV or Computer
  • Certificate of Completion 


The outcome of the course


  • You will learn how to Acknowledge, Explore, Choose, Prepare, Act and Move Forward 
  • Identify secret techniques that can help you find advancement in adversity and failure
  • Learn how to get any job or start new career you want and get promoted faster
  • Learn how to utilize Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, websites effectievely for massive success
  • You will learn effective habbits of internalized success principles and patterns of behaviour


C$888.00 Regular Price
C$288.00Sale Price
  • Dear Student of Success,

    I wish you congrtulations! 

    This certification course is a wise purchase that, if you learn and applied, will reap you enormous rewards and perks for the rest of your life.  If you are already a success, this course will help you build on that success. If you are just starting out, it will guide you along the path to personal and financial abundance. 

    Total 8 (Eight) sessions 

    • It can be one-to-one or group sessions, it will be done on zoom or skype or google hangout.
    • You will require internet connection, your headphones, laptop or desktop for better quality. 
    • A plain book/journal, pen and pencil.

    For one on one, timing and time zone, please email at before the first session at Black Friday Sale with code 50.